What is CaptureQA® and How Can It Assist Your Build

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CaptureQA®, developed by LJP Construction Services, can change the way builders and construction managers survey, assess and respond to construction project needs and potential problem areas in the field. The innovative and proprietary quality assurance app is designed to identify trending problems before they become systemic and connects the field to the office with same-day reporting.

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CaptureQA® is an App designed by LJP Construction Services and combines project photographs with the associated narrative that provides site visit information to our clients in real-time with ease of use for their field construction managers. The password protected web-site portal enables clients to see color coded photographs and monitor field conditions at all times. Using “stop-light” simplicity, the Green photographs highlight good assemblies, Red photographs call out construction deficiencies and Yellow photographs note course-of-construction or scheduling progress

Through use of CaptureQA®, we provide proactive, same day reporting sufficiently detailed to identify deviations from architectural plans, deviations from manufacturers specifications and workmanship issues in the field. Our CaptureQA® inspection and reporting process prevents schedule delays and allows field teams to correct assemblies on the go in real time. The CaptureQA® reporting content provides powerful three-way project comparisons and performance metrics for specific project elements and building assemblies.  Clients can see how one project is performing relative to a second project or portfolio of their projects and a third comparison to the competitive market of other builders’  projects of a similar product type (SFD, MFA, MR or HR).

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