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LJP provides tailored documentation to comply with and enhance both the Builders’ Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program and insurance carrier requirements. This detailed information is available anytime and can help with milestone inspections. All field Construction Consultants have direct construction/building industry experience with industry related degrees and/or certifications. Our observations are scheduled, ensuring that we are at the project at the right time and can conduct a complete observation.

CaptureQA® is an App designed by LJP Construction Services and combines project photographs with the associated narrative that provides site visit information to our clients in real-time with ease of use for their field construction managers. The password protected web-site portal enables clients to see color coded photographs and monitor field conditions at all times. Using “stop-light” simplicity, the Green photographs highlight good assemblies, Red photographs call out construction deficiencies and Yellow photographs note course-of-construction or scheduling progress

Through use of CaptureQA®, we provide proactive, same day reporting sufficiently detailed to identify deviations from architectural plans, deviations from manufacturers specifications and workmanship issues in the field. Our CaptureQA® inspection and reporting process prevents schedule delays and allows field teams to correct assemblies on the go in real time. The reporting content also helps enhance production efficiency and provides performance metrics and analytical insights for specific project elements and building assemblies with powerful 3-way comparisons: 1) within a project or portfolio of projects, 2) between company divisions, and across multiple regions of the US.

FIELD OBSERVATIONS AND DOCUMENTATION verify correct installation of critical assemblies throughout construction and offer a variety of reports to fit your specific needs and particular type of project.

BUILDER AUDIT REPORT AND EVALUATION (B.A.R.E.) provides an overview of the Builder’s operations and quality of construction, confirms compliance with industry standards of care, objectively evaluates staff and staffing structure, and provides a tool for our client’s insurance companies to accurately access policies and premiums.

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We are a team of industry professionals offering Third Party Peer Review and Quality Assurance services – Pre-Construction, During Construction, and Post Construction.  Since 1993, LJP Construction Services has assisted more than 2,000 clients on projects throughout the US.