LJP enables developers, homebuilders and general contractors achieve higher quality construction and become heroes for their clients.

Focused Plan/Spec Reviews, Waterproofing Consulting, Existing Conditions Documentation

Field Observations and Photo Documentation, Builder Audit Report and Evaluation, CaptureQA® AppCapture QA® and Client Portal

Association & Rental Property Maintenance Manuals, Individual Homeowner Maintenance Guides, Annual Maintenance Reviews

California SB 721 Exterior Elevated Elements (EEE) Deck Inspections, Florida’s Chapter 558, Property Conditions Assessment Reports (PCAR)

Material Specifications, Focused Modules, Testing for Comprehension

Throughout the lifecycle of a project, LJP Construction Services offers specialized programs to assist in protecting our clients and reducing their risk of construction defect litigation (CDL). Our services are designed to comply with the requirements of insurance policies as well as state construction defect statutes including Florida, California, and Texas.

How can CaptureQA® help your team?

CaptureQA®: developed by LJP Construction Services

  • Field observations
  • Color coded photo documentation
  • Monitor field conditions at all times
  • Same-day reporting through our Client Portal
  • Survey, assess and respond to construction project needs

The “Stoplight”:

The password protected website portal enables clients to see color coded photographs and monitor field conditions at all times. Using “stoplight” simplicity, the Green photographs highlight good assemblies, Red photographs call out construction deficiencies and Yellow photographs note course-of-construction or scheduling progress.

Who We Are

LJP team members are highly trained and are ICC and OSHA certified and have expert knowledge in various areas including SWPPPs, EIFS and Drone Operations.

Customized Training For The Building Industry

Our programs focus on educating team members about correct building practices, compliance standards and solutions for common construction problems and issues that often lead to construction defection litigation.

What Our Clients Say

“LJP has been a valued partner for over 20 years. Their third party inspections have been instrumental in our success. While their inspections are always professionally performed and their reports delivered promptly, it is their team that separates them from other third inspection providers. They genuinely care about their client/partners and work with them to ensure mutual success.”

Jerry Richardson, Vice President, Classic Homes

“Thanks for all of your hard work on the Serra Meadows project. John Massengill has been a valued member of our team for the past 3 years. We appreciate his professionalism, honesty and commitment to our project and are thankful for the relationship we have built with him and all of the LJP staff over the course of this project.”

Justin Allison – Project Superintendent, Mangano Homes Inc.

“The report submitted to us by LJP was outstanding and extremely thorough. It was far better than any engineer or architect would have done and truly exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend LJP Construction Services as a team member on all of our future projects.”

David Kuhn – Project Manager, Davis & Davis, Inc.

“It is a pleasure working with your field inspection teams. We have found that LJP’s team of professionals has clearly helped our company raise the bar on construction quality in homes completed and delivered.”

Adrian Foley – President, Brookfield Homes

“We highly recommend LJP to insurance companies as evidence that builders in California have taken on the responsibility directly and are budgeting for the cost of reducing litigation risks.”

Nelson Chung – President, Pacific Communities

“We found the LJP team of experts to be technically knowledgeable and experienced in all of the various aspects of design and construction that are necessary in a reconstruction project. We are now beginning to see the appreciation in property values as a result of the work completed.”

Ed Wall, III – President, Newport Crest Homeowners Association