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Optimize your training program with customer centric training solutions. Our training courses and programs are developed to help raise quality-awareness and create ownership within the field team and your organization. Our programs focus on educating team members about correct building practices, compliance standards and solutions for common construction problems and issues that often lead to construction defect litigation. We design and customize our training programs based on client and project specific needs including geographical and regional considerations and skill level of participants. Clients can work directly with our team in person in a collaborative setting and gain valuable insight and information.

Building Education Systems Training (BEST™) is a program, taught by Don Neff, to further educate the industry on litigation issues, building science principles, and sustainable building concepts. This program provides construction quality training for Builders and trade contractors, insurance carriers, brokers, agents, and underwriters. It can be tailored to each client’s needs, selecting specific modules relating to the building envelope and interior rough trades for more focused and specialized discussions with product manufacturers.

CUSTOMIZED TRAINING PROGRAMS are designed to address the needs within each client’s organization and include:

  • Material specification, manufacturer guidelines and warranty consideration, offsite construction, application failures and consequences, and risk management strategies
  • Focused modules on the big 3 defect litigation generating items – Weatherproofing, Acoustics, and Rated Assemblies.
  • Best practices for site protection measures on Safety, Stormwater Planning, and Sitework Deficiencies.
  • Participation in the New Hire On-Boarding training to educate and engage new team members in the importance of a successful quality-awareness program and how daily actions/decisions have long term effects related to risk outcomes and builder viability.
  • Assess and address the potential operational risks – pre, during and post construction.
  • Examine and provide guidance about company culture – identify underlying risk and removing obstacles to reaching goals.
  • Onsite, classroom and virtual programs are available.

TESTING FOR COMPREHENSION is part of the program and Merit of Achievement certifications are issued for all participants, assisting with your Learning Management Systems (LMS) tracking.

No matter what your needs or challenges, LJP can design a tailor-made program for you.

LJP provides customized training programs for national and regional builders. This includes homebuilders, general contractors and trade contractors.

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We are a team of industry professionals offering Third Party Peer Review and Quality Assurance services – Pre-Construction, During Construction, and Post Construction.  Since 1993, LJP Construction Services has assisted more than 2,000 clients on projects throughout the US.