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LJP provides a package of Post Construction services specific to each community and project. Maintenance Manuals and Homeowner Guides, along with review services and turnover documentation ensure that the project is properly maintained after completion, through the statute period and well into the future.

Homeowner Association and Rental Property Maintenance Manuals include detailed recommendations and procedures for implementing routine and preventative building and landscape maintenance for Association common areas. We offer standard and custom manuals that can be developed for single-family detached, attached, mixed-use, or high-rise developments.

LJP also develops maintenance manuals for the rental markets that include plans and procedures to implement preventative maintenance inspections and avoid failures and costly repairs.

LJP Construction Services can offer guidance on drafting and regular review of CC&Rs, to help ensure these documents address current needs of the community in addition to future planning. Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) contain the rights and responsibilities of the HOA to its members. Information about architectural restrictions, property use restrictions, property maintenance standards, and more should all be included. The CC&Rs provide specific details about the Association’s maintenance responsibilities and obligations, such as timetables, frequencies, and the application of the project maintenance manual. If critical maintenance is not performed, it can result in unnecessary expenses and risks for homeowners, HOAs, and stakeholders.

Individual Homeowner Maintenance Guides describe proper maintenance procedures and recommended frequencies along with general product and system operation and information for each homeowner. Our Individual Homeowner Maintenance Guides are compliant with each state’s right-to-repair laws and provide comprehensive checklists with easy to follow plans.

Green Individual Homeowner Maintenance Guides are designed specifically to help educate homeowners on proper maintenance procedures and standards of care for their home and its respective green features. These Guides are custom tailored for each project and will correspond with the Builder’s chosen green building program (LEED®, GreenPoint Rated®, etc.).

Annual Maintenance Reviews provide a third-party evaluation of all common area assets to ensure that regular, ongoing maintenance is being carried out according to the Association maintenance manuals, plans and requirements, within budget constraints and also respecting the original Builder’s design directives. LJP can assist with milestone inspections* required to be completed by Florida Associations.
(*Milestone Inspections are required in the new Florida law “SB 4-D Florida Building Safety” signed into effect on May 26, 2022)

Videotaped Turnover Walks provide verification of existing baseline conditions of all common areas and can provide instructions on system operations and maintenance tasks upon turnover to the Association.

Nationwide Service

LJP Construction Services has assisted clients on projects throughout the US since 1993.