We deploy experienced and certified inspectors to your job site.

Our in-house team members performing plan reviews have extensive knowledge in all building types across the US in both the residential and commercial markets. The accompanying specification and trade contractor scope reviews help to ensure coordination of project documents for a successful outcome. All reviews are custom tailored to each client’s needs and requirements and intended to improve quality and reduce project risks.

FOCUSED PLAN AND SPECIFICATION REVIEWS verify constructability and ensure compliance with building codes and industry standards of care. Critical litigation generating assemblies and plan and spec details are examined for proper sequencing, material specs, and installation methods. LJP offers several levels of plan reviews based on particular needs and complexity of the project.

CONTRACTOR SCOPE OF WORK REVIEWS ensures the scope of work that is required for each discipline is accurate and complete, coordinated with the project plans, and in compliance with industry standards of care.

WATERPROOFING CONSULTING includes review of waterproofing design and specification of the components of the building envelope. Our team can analyze design details and take part in on-site water testing observations on all project types to help ensure assemblies are designed and built to eliminate water intrusion or identify potential failures.

WATER INTRUSION FORENSIC SERVICES includes the documenting of existing conditions of moisture intrusion. Our team will investigate and visually inspect and test areas to verify proper condition of flashing, weather resistive barrier, joints, and other at the building envelope. We will complete the evaluation, itemize the findings in a written report and provide recommendations or action plan on steps to address any water intrusion or leaks.

EXISTING CONDITIONS DOCUMENTATION provides detailed, thorough records of what the site looked like before the start of construction. LJP captures digital video and photographic conditions of project boundaries and surrounding properties, structures, and landscaping at pre-grading stage for infill sites and other physically challenged locations.

Nationwide Service

LJP Construction Services has assisted clients on projects throughout the US since 1993.