Who We Are & What We Do

Don Neff
M-L McKinley de Vance
Senior Vice President
Eric Turner
VP of Construction Operations
Mary Tran
Senior Vice President
Debb Long
Senior Director of QA Education
Osvaldo Joya
Director of Pre-Construction Services
Andrew Davies
Dir of Field Operations & QA Analytics
John Mendez
National Director
Bill Parrilli
Director of Business Development
Dawn Idstein
Director of Human Resources

Toni Fetchel
Senior Director of
Internal Operations

(949) 336-8924

Toni Fetchel has 25 years of experience in the construction industry and in her position as Senior Director of Internal Operations she oversees the daily operations of the Post Construction and Marketing departments and the management of the corporate facilities. Ms. Fetchel is responsible for organizing, planning, and directing Marketing efforts for the company, establishing policies, and developing strategies to optimize operations. Additionally, she heads the Post team – planning, setting objectives, managing budget and workflow, and delegating tasks among teams. She performs site reviews, prepares reports and ensures client contract requirements and department objectives are achieved and deadlines are met.

Part of her responsibilities include management of the corporate facilities and leased spaces ensuring all building maintenance and repairs are completed, managing tenant improvements eliminating or minimizing downtime, and reducing repair or replacement costs. Assists with leasing functions interacts with the brokers and provides a high level of service to lessees to maintain the revenue source through continued occupancy.

Prior to joining LJP Construction Services, she was employed with a Human Resources firm in Fountain Valley, California in their Real Estate Division, directing Facilities Management and assisting with leasing functions. She has also worked in the Procurement Department for a well-known Aerospace company located in Southern California.